Why we choose Unity

First of all, to make clear for any expectations, this blog won’t go too deep to technical side of production. Most of us are artist with limitation of coding, so this blog is from perspective of artist in making Omega

We go for Unity, because we’re lack of Coder to dev this mini-scoped game.

The idea, prototype and art assets are repaired way before we officially start to dev this game. We must choose a game engine that visually easy to modify every aspect of game. We surely will make many mistakes from try-and-fail method, so it must be able to try fast and fail fast.

Recently, we are hardworking in a medium project (Tiny Busters) with Cocos2Dx and many other projects using Libgdx, Cocos…

It significantly drains Coder’s energy to manually fix visual issues like button position, length of fx, position of fx, the quality of optimized texture, UI animated … follow these engine’s workflows.

In Unity, everything happened in game is right there, in truly intuitive game editor, and it’s not too hard to make our artist understand what, where, why, how of some basic game scene setup. Artist can even create and custom their own scene without distracting Coder doing his job.

The Coder now only concentrate in implementing game logic, game structure, sound controller, music logic …. . He just spends a little time to make some components for Artist that they can control their own object graphic, UI, animation in any way.

Many times, Artist have ideas to improve experience, it’s easier to Coder to accept and go for it when he know with a little help, Artist can make it by himself.

No more “wait for build” to exactly know what have you done.

No more “change it to 0.02 and let me see” with a troll-face

No more “it’s too complicated” to fix animated UI layout for multi-resolution.

The “issue list” now less terrible when half of it can be share to solve.

Because of that, we can put in game slow-mo effect for Special Skill, weapon attack trail, smoke particle effects …

If you ever notice, the clock of the tower actually works, and it tick tock exact current time. It created by an artist without any knowledge of code

Omega : The first movement” finally done after 4 months of development, with only one-Unity-talent Coder working on it.

Thanks to Unity, Artist and Coder can well collaborate each other.