The making of OMEGA : The first movement

Hi everyone,

We are Goya team, an young indie mobile game dev team. Say “Hello!” to the world now guys! ;’)

We’ve just released this game after 4 months hard working

OMEGA – The first movement.

Link down game:

Yes! Download here!

iOS Download

Here’s the link for trailer:

Here’s the link for demo clip:

We would like to share our game’s making process, in order to give out and receive more knowledges. Any feedbacks are warmly welcomed with all our thankful hearts XD. And, since I’m not a native English speaker, so if just anything of my words that make you guys confused, please tell me too.

This is the contents we will post in a row, on this game making process topic

  1. Overall views about the game
  2. Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes
  3. Storyline though game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art
  4. Why we choose Unity
  5. Animation: research and solve
  6. Work with composer
  7. Presskit + Trailer
  8. Public test and won the Hot new game reward in Comic Con HCM 2014
  9. The problems we had to face up within the whole process
  10. Released

Follow our journey!