Storyline through game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art

After we had set up all the prototype flow and things like that, we entered this step. As I said before, one the main traits we wanted to make with this game is that it must create some “mood”, some feeling for gamers. This is how we made it Method: We decided the most suitable method to do is to create a main story, and make all concepts based on that main story, no more, no less. Reason:

  • To create mood for all the game
  • To make a unity of all concept through the game, like concept of background, of enemies, of main character
  • To make game’s contents deeper and richer
  • To have materials for making press-kit later ( the blogs about press-kit and stuffs like that will come up later too)
  • To inspire our team members

Process: Step 1: First of all, we figured out about the “mood” as “deep” and “serious” since:

  • As a coincidence, at that time, we were watching and listening to epic/emo music like:
    Can try it here And they made a deep impression on us too.
  • At that time, kinda almost of music, rhythm based games we knew were very cute and funny theme, with exciting music too, so we wanted to make something a bit different

Step 2: We created the whole story with full reasons and some plot twist at the end. To do that, we must answer those questions: WHERE

  • World of the story: the places where things happens, time, decades,… fantasy or realistic,…


  • Main character: his past, his interests, his reason, his way of thinking, his feeling towards others
  • Enemies: kinds of them, their position in this world, their feelings


  • Reasons for those action of the main character and his enemies
  • Reasons for features of the game: like the changing between story mode to hard mode, or the upgrade system

Step 3: We, the artist team, wrote down all on document, I know, it’s a tiring and boring job to do. But it’s like a MUST DO thing, very important for working in a team So, after we had all documents about the story, come the step of making sketches and concepts   Step 4: Making moodboard references: According to the story’s traits, we tried to search for all reference material online, and make some specific moodboards using Pinterest We had: Moodboard ref of Background Moodboard ref of character Moodboard ref of Architecture Step 5: Concept + sketch + final art   Background, using Sketchup at some points for quick imagination too: Enemies: Some final art: Step 6: UI We choose steam-punk theme, even with the UI After those steps, although we felt like: “ohhhh, we’ve done so˜˜˜˜˜˜ many things, this game’s art field must be nearly done, ehehe” but actually, just finish around  ¼ of all things TT___TT Step 7: Animated Cutscreens We did try the best to make the whole appearances of map, backgrounds and characters sticked with the storyline, but furthermore, what we really wanted to do was to implement this whole story, with reasons and plot twist into our game. In order for gamers to actually experience the feeling we want to make then. That’s why , after some discussing with coder, we decided to use Animated Cutscreens

  • First, we made a simple yet messy storyboard like this, just for 3 of us to imagine things

This storyboard showed us where, when, and how gamers would see the story’s flow, and even how the cutscreens would animated, how they would show up  

  • Simple sketches for those cutscreens
  • Line art and colouring with caring about the assets for animated
  • Export assets, then use Spine to animate them, export file
  • Then once again, this time, we made a clearer document for our coder. He just needed to follow this note to implement suitable files into certain placesThese  steps, as I can say, are one of the most interesting and happiest moment we had in all the game making process Okay, then with the final art and cut screen, we had done for like ⅓ amounts of stuffs.Now come the other big part: the Animation and Effects