Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes

This is how we made this game Omega – the first movement from the very first start. The whole process is of course not perfect, but we tried our best the whole time and had a very worthy happy time, so we hope you guys may gain some experiences from reading these lines.

  • Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes

We’re a team of 1 programmers, 1 game designer, and 3 artists, we always work together from all steps, including designing gameplay, making concept, testing, and also self-published marketing steps too  (this self-published stuff, as I think, is kinda a hard and strange field that almost all indie developers must face up with)

 This is the second product of us, right after Tiny Busters, which had 100k installations in the first 3 weeks on Google store.


  1. With this second game, at the very first, we did choose out 2 main traits that we wanted to follow the most according to our current situation: 
  • This must be a small scope game ( not a very tiny/mini one, but must not complex since we didn’t have much time and money, and making kind of 6-months worth working game was kinda out of budget)
  • Create mood for gamers while playing game. Since we really wanted to bring out something that could resemble our team into our game.
  1. Gathered all around, with our game designer as the main host, we talked about what we liked to make the most, list them all out on board, brainstorming the options for these points that just had listed and having fun all the time talking about the possibilities of each options, it was really fun, like a word battle between our team members, since each ones had to protect their idea and options. We tried our best to break our limit, try new genres and mechanics too.

With all options/gameplays, we wrote down their own stregths and weaknesses, and in the end of the day, we chose 2 gameplay options, which of course had more stregth points and less weak points. They were based on match 3 gameplay. 

  1. With each options, we worked together to make some prototypes.

The advantages is that we had 2 artists and 1 technical artist, that’s why it only took us a very short time to draw something for those prototypes.


The step of making prototype as we think, is the very very important step that must have, since we did face up with lots of nonsense things which could have ruin the whole game, that we didnt noticed out at first.

Making prototype gave us huge posibilities to fix and improve our gameplay.

We made prototype as fast and as simple, not try to fix bugs and other things, just needed to have a overall view about the gameplay.


After making about 2 or 3 versions of prototypes like these ones:

We decided that kind of match 3 gameplays was completely fail, and took for other 2 more prototypes in order to decide the final gameplay and all the upgrading system along the gameplay.

It was the rhythm based action gameplay like the final Omega now.

Prototype of gameplay

Prototype of Game flow and UI

So after having an overall prototype of the whole game, we entered the next important step:
Making Storyline though game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art


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