[Presskit]Hero Age

HERO AGE-the REALTIME STRATEGY mobile game, where you can build up your OWN badass playstyle UNLIMITEDLY. Ready to clash with other’s strategy already?

Hero Age is a real time strategy battle mobile game with ranked competitive in which you may create your own badass playstyle. All up to your creativity


Our main goal is to focus on original trait: to feature a strategic layer in addition to tactical combat.


  • Customize and specialize your playstyle: Recruit a large listing of 6 classes with plenty heroes and spells, combine them with a huge armory and elements, choose the right ones and right time to upgrade them all. No combination can be the same, each is unique. The posibility is limitless.
  • Understand and make wise chose: Each battle have various of enemies with certain high and dynamic AI, so you must understand your army’s abilities to choose suitable battle units into battle deck according to enemies’ capabilities.
  • Tactical combat: enemies have their own strategy, which may transform from time to time, so you have to choose your own way of maintaining your victory – way of combining heroes and spells.
  • Platform: available on IOS and Android

Easy to play with simple gesturedrag and drop on proper lanes to spawn your heroes and cast Spells to defend your ark Argo, or to attack enemies’ barricades and conquer the battles.

Simple winning objective: defeating your opponent’s castle.

Beware of the mana below. Every Heroes and Spells must require resource of mana


Ark Argo is your main ship to protect which has its own HP.

So try your best to protect ark Argo, since it will cost you lots of effort into repairing.

Along your journey on sea, you will earn more Heroes, as well as Spells and many beneficial items.

Hero Age contains up to 6 totally different classes of Heroes whoes have their own strength.


Heavy amored fighters armed with sword, specialized in closed range combat. Very versatile with good HP, they’re able to fight and hold the front line as well.


Hybrid magicians, who can deal long-ranged attack with high damage. They prefer to stay away from enemies and cast spells from a distance with their splendidly decorated staffs


Titan is the ultimate frontline AOE class delivering huge damaged attacks and able to defeat a long range of enemies with plenty special types of effect made out of natural blessings from Wood, Water, Metal, Fire, Earth, Dark, Light element and more in future.


Don’t be fool by their cute and harmless appearances, Assassin class along with their lightning-fast claws are able to move with extremely high speed, to get in close and quick attack. They embody mobility and versatility

Appearing along the journey on the sea, there come other reborn classes


Reborn from Warriors. They’re the symbol of strength and endurance. True tankers of the battle, as well as melee attackers themselves, making them a great addition to your team whatever playstyle you choose.


Reborn from Soccerers. They’re all powerful magic casters with extremely high magic damage

The equipment system plays an important role in the strategy combat, since it allows you to create your unique heroes from your own collection of hero as a real RPG game despite of the fact that Hero Age is a RTS game


Hero Age support a wide array of weapons and armor, that classified along Heroes’ classes

Each of the weapons and armors has own status points that embody for their quantity, which ranked according to rarity rate: Normal, Fine, Rare, SRare, and Legend.


Along with rarity rate rank, the Hero Age’s weapon system also provide you weapons with 5 totally different elements, that have side effects:





Make AOE damage on some range in a row

Accept the challenge and create your own unique style of Hero team ever

Not only just drag and drop your heroes on lanes and watch them fight, you also can join in and help your heroes by using Spells.

There are 6 spells on launch so far, and will be more in the near future.

Each has offensive and defensive purpose quite clearly.  Making a whole new interesting style of using Spells combine with Heroes is all up to your creativity.

6 spells:

And not just that, the Spells as well as the heroes also can be level up

Each classes of heroes has their own 3 tiers, which are the symbol for 3 rank of their levels

You can use various of exp potions and some specific materials to gain exp and reach next tiers for each of your heroes.

As well as heroes, Spells can also be leveled up by using exp potions, to have stronger, longer time of effect and wider range of damage.

In Hero Age, you will have to face up with various kinds of monster, each of them is inspired by many mythical creatures of ancient cultures.


Your Enemy has dynamic AI, that make them unexpectedly tough to deal with, they can change their way of respawn couples of times and cast Spells continuously into you in order to break your frontline and harm your ark Argo.

So, you must approach waves of enemies with dynamic plans, because it’s not the game where you can just simply spam and swarm stuff

One more advantage system to go is the Upgrading system.
Try pushing the button, you will no longer have to wait that long for charging enough mana to spawn heroes and repairing your ark Argo that many times

A long time ago, our Great King was in triumph to the Palace from the Millenium War

In the celebration of the Prinycess’ 7th birthday, the King presented her a cute fox saved from a hunt. But the fox, it’s the King of Demon hiding in a form of an animal.

A decade past, the fox disguised itself as the Princess and opened the Millenium Sealed Gate where all Evil forces are contained.

It freed a horde of monsters to massacred the Kingdom, turned everything into dust.

The King was sealed inside the Millenium Sealed Gate for eternity.

In spite of all the atrocities and darkness, there’s still hope. The King gave our true Princess his faith and the Box of Hero.

“My daughter, find the Choosen One,  help him to fight for the truth, revenge for our souls, give back this kingdom’s light. You must give him this legendary Box of Hero”



The world of Hero Age is inspired by mythology and fantasy theme from West to East where you can see various kinds of islands surrounded by the occean, with rich contents and untold stories behind
There are 2 main themes
– The Colghis

– The Shangrila



According the legend, when 7 stars upon the sky meet their time in a certain line, the light will lead your way to treasure and glory island named Polaris.
In this special sidemap Polaris, you will have chance to get rewards are special materials you could never find outside on the normal journey.

Polaris have 7 stages for 7 days in 3 difficulties. Which means, each day, the Polaris will open a battle with specific theme that offer the related prize of war.


On your journey, there are some secret islands that only unlocked when you finish some certain stages. You will find waves of mysterious powerful enemies, along with the big amount of precious rewards.

This feature is the most important and the highest priority task of us right now.

You can find your equally matched players to play head-to-head realtime battle

Since it will be great exciting to see how your own strategy clash with other’s.

So just imagine things like if your playstyle is Pyro maniac, all your hero team focus on Fire damage and kinda aggressive, you like to just attack on 2 main lanes with quick and strong strategy. And your opponent is another player with dynamic and flexible playstyle with all support spells as long as mud element and many god damn high HP heroes, just to have high endurance while having some assassins sneak at your casttle.

Can you ever predict the battle’s result like that? I guess no

Badge system will represent for you and your army’ strength

Conquering battles, finishing quests to gain more and more EXP for upgrading your badge.


Why we choose Unity

First of all, to make clear for any expectations, this blog won’t go too deep to technical side of production. Most of us are artist with limitation of coding, so this blog is from perspective of artist in making Omega

We go for Unity, because we’re lack of Coder to dev this mini-scoped game.

The idea, prototype and art assets are repaired way before we officially start to dev this game. We must choose a game engine that visually easy to modify every aspect of game. We surely will make many mistakes from try-and-fail method, so it must be able to try fast and fail fast.

Recently, we are hardworking in a medium project (Tiny Busters) with Cocos2Dx and many other projects using Libgdx, Cocos…

It significantly drains Coder’s energy to manually fix visual issues like button position, length of fx, position of fx, the quality of optimized texture, UI animated … follow these engine’s workflows.

In Unity, everything happened in game is right there, in truly intuitive game editor, and it’s not too hard to make our artist understand what, where, why, how of some basic game scene setup. Artist can even create and custom their own scene without distracting Coder doing his job.

The Coder now only concentrate in implementing game logic, game structure, sound controller, music logic …. . He just spends a little time to make some components for Artist that they can control their own object graphic, UI, animation in any way.

Many times, Artist have ideas to improve experience, it’s easier to Coder to accept and go for it when he know with a little help, Artist can make it by himself.

No more “wait for build” to exactly know what have you done.

No more “change it to 0.02 and let me see” with a troll-face

No more “it’s too complicated” to fix animated UI layout for multi-resolution.

The “issue list” now less terrible when half of it can be share to solve.

Because of that, we can put in game slow-mo effect for Special Skill, weapon attack trail, smoke particle effects …

If you ever notice, the clock of the tower actually works, and it tick tock exact current time. It created by an artist without any knowledge of code

Omega : The first movement” finally done after 4 months of development, with only one-Unity-talent Coder working on it.

Thanks to Unity, Artist and Coder can well collaborate each other.

Storyline through game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art

After we had set up all the prototype flow and things like that, we entered this step. As I said before, one the main traits we wanted to make with this game is that it must create some “mood”, some feeling for gamers. This is how we made it Method: We decided the most suitable method to do is to create a main story, and make all concepts based on that main story, no more, no less. Reason:

  • To create mood for all the game
  • To make a unity of all concept through the game, like concept of background, of enemies, of main character
  • To make game’s contents deeper and richer
  • To have materials for making press-kit later ( the blogs about press-kit and stuffs like that will come up later too)
  • To inspire our team members

Process: Step 1: First of all, we figured out about the “mood” as “deep” and “serious” since:

  • As a coincidence, at that time, we were watching and listening to epic/emo music like:
    Can try it here And they made a deep impression on us too.
  • At that time, kinda almost of music, rhythm based games we knew were very cute and funny theme, with exciting music too, so we wanted to make something a bit different

Step 2: We created the whole story with full reasons and some plot twist at the end. To do that, we must answer those questions: WHERE

  • World of the story: the places where things happens, time, decades,… fantasy or realistic,…


  • Main character: his past, his interests, his reason, his way of thinking, his feeling towards others
  • Enemies: kinds of them, their position in this world, their feelings


  • Reasons for those action of the main character and his enemies
  • Reasons for features of the game: like the changing between story mode to hard mode, or the upgrade system

Step 3: We, the artist team, wrote down all on document, I know, it’s a tiring and boring job to do. But it’s like a MUST DO thing, very important for working in a team So, after we had all documents about the story, come the step of making sketches and concepts   Step 4: Making moodboard references: According to the story’s traits, we tried to search for all reference material online, and make some specific moodboards using Pinterest We had: Moodboard ref of Background Moodboard ref of character Moodboard ref of Architecture Step 5: Concept + sketch + final art   Background, using Sketchup at some points for quick imagination too: Enemies: Some final art: Step 6: UI We choose steam-punk theme, even with the UI After those steps, although we felt like: “ohhhh, we’ve done so˜˜˜˜˜˜ many things, this game’s art field must be nearly done, ehehe” but actually, just finish around  ¼ of all things TT___TT Step 7: Animated Cutscreens We did try the best to make the whole appearances of map, backgrounds and characters sticked with the storyline, but furthermore, what we really wanted to do was to implement this whole story, with reasons and plot twist into our game. In order for gamers to actually experience the feeling we want to make then. That’s why , after some discussing with coder, we decided to use Animated Cutscreens

  • First, we made a simple yet messy storyboard like this, just for 3 of us to imagine things

This storyboard showed us where, when, and how gamers would see the story’s flow, and even how the cutscreens would animated, how they would show up  

  • Simple sketches for those cutscreens
  • Line art and colouring with caring about the assets for animated
  • Export assets, then use Spine to animate them, export file
  • Then once again, this time, we made a clearer document for our coder. He just needed to follow this note to implement suitable files into certain placesThese  steps, as I can say, are one of the most interesting and happiest moment we had in all the game making process Okay, then with the final art and cut screen, we had done for like ⅓ amounts of stuffs.Now come the other big part: the Animation and Effects

Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes

This is how we made this game Omega – the first movement from the very first start. The whole process is of course not perfect, but we tried our best the whole time and had a very worthy happy time, so we hope you guys may gain some experiences from reading these lines.

  • Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes

We’re a team of 1 programmers, 1 game designer, and 3 artists, we always work together from all steps, including designing gameplay, making concept, testing, and also self-published marketing steps too  (this self-published stuff, as I think, is kinda a hard and strange field that almost all indie developers must face up with)

 This is the second product of us, right after Tiny Busters, which had 100k installations in the first 3 weeks on Google store.


  1. With this second game, at the very first, we did choose out 2 main traits that we wanted to follow the most according to our current situation: 
  • This must be a small scope game ( not a very tiny/mini one, but must not complex since we didn’t have much time and money, and making kind of 6-months worth working game was kinda out of budget)
  • Create mood for gamers while playing game. Since we really wanted to bring out something that could resemble our team into our game.
  1. Gathered all around, with our game designer as the main host, we talked about what we liked to make the most, list them all out on board, brainstorming the options for these points that just had listed and having fun all the time talking about the possibilities of each options, it was really fun, like a word battle between our team members, since each ones had to protect their idea and options. We tried our best to break our limit, try new genres and mechanics too.

With all options/gameplays, we wrote down their own stregths and weaknesses, and in the end of the day, we chose 2 gameplay options, which of course had more stregth points and less weak points. They were based on match 3 gameplay. 

  1. With each options, we worked together to make some prototypes.

The advantages is that we had 2 artists and 1 technical artist, that’s why it only took us a very short time to draw something for those prototypes.


The step of making prototype as we think, is the very very important step that must have, since we did face up with lots of nonsense things which could have ruin the whole game, that we didnt noticed out at first.

Making prototype gave us huge posibilities to fix and improve our gameplay.

We made prototype as fast and as simple, not try to fix bugs and other things, just needed to have a overall view about the gameplay.


After making about 2 or 3 versions of prototypes like these ones:

We decided that kind of match 3 gameplays was completely fail, and took for other 2 more prototypes in order to decide the final gameplay and all the upgrading system along the gameplay.

It was the rhythm based action gameplay like the final Omega now.

Prototype of gameplay

Prototype of Game flow and UI

So after having an overall prototype of the whole game, we entered the next important step:
Making Storyline though game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art

The making of OMEGA : The first movement

Hi everyone,

We are Goya team, an young indie mobile game dev team. Say “Hello!” to the world now guys! ;’)

We’ve just released this game after 4 months hard working

OMEGA – The first movement.

Link down game:

Yes! Download here!

iOS Download

Here’s the link for trailer:

Here’s the link for demo clip:

We would like to share our game’s making process, in order to give out and receive more knowledges. Any feedbacks are warmly welcomed with all our thankful hearts XD. And, since I’m not a native English speaker, so if just anything of my words that make you guys confused, please tell me too.

This is the contents we will post in a row, on this game making process topic

  1. Overall views about the game
  2. Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes
  3. Storyline though game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art
  4. Why we choose Unity
  5. Animation: research and solve
  6. Work with composer
  7. Presskit + Trailer
  8. Public test and won the Hot new game reward in Comic Con HCM 2014
  9. The problems we had to face up within the whole process
  10. Released

Follow our journey!